Will Those Whitening Strips Give You the Smile You Want?

Teeth Whitening Houston TXThe people we most often observe – and remember – are the always-beautiful celebrities with their dazzling white teeth. Doesn’t it seem as though every person you see on any screen has a great smile? Obviously, we know by now that beautiful teeth don’t come naturally to all people. Discoloration, in particular, is something that everyone faces, even the celebrities we love to admire. Because of enamel stains over time, and because most people are enormously busy, over-the-counter teeth whitening strips have become a popular alternative to seeing the dentist. Here, we want to talk about this DIY teeth-whitening method and whether or not it may be right for you.

The idea of applying a convenient strip over your teeth for a few days and getting a noticeably whiter smile sounds great, doesn’t it? Truthfully, teeth whitening strips will usually get some degree of the lift into your smile. However, if you’ve got deep stains, which most of us do, the amount of change that you will see from whitening strips will most likely be minimal.

Tip #1: If you want dramatic results, see your dentist for teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening contains stronger ingredients and therefore has a greater effect on the tiny molecules that have settled into your enamel.

Tip #2: After professional teeth whitening, commercial strips may be a great way to maintain your results.

Because commercial strips have minimal concentrations of peroxide, they can frequently be used for touch-ups. If you visit our Houston office for teeth whitening, though, we would suggest that you just keep your custom-fit whitening trays and obtain a fresh tube of whitening gel from us once or twice a year.

Know the Risks

The value of professional teeth whitening goes beyond the achievement of gorgeous results in a short period. While commercial whiteners are gentler due to low peroxide content, that doesn’t mean there are no risks to a DIY treatment. Before we proceed with teeth whitening treatment, we perform a thorough exam to ensure there are no conditions that may increase tooth sensitivity, or that may increase the risk of gum irritation. Then, we may also perform cleaning to remove any debris and biofilm that could stand in the way of successful results from teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening is cost-effective and convenient. Get the details on our process. Schedule a visit to our Houston office today.

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