When Do Dentists Use Dental Crowns to Restore Teeth?

Dentistry is more than just cleanings and fillings. At Peters Dental Associates, we understand the many facets of dentistry that help improve the appearance, function, and health of the teeth and gums. This includes the use of dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

Our team describes a dental crown as a restoration that is used to restore a tooth, replace a tooth, or protect a tooth. The crown is often made of porcelain to match the existing teeth in the smile. It covers all visible portions of the tooth above the gum line. It is strong, durable, and natural-looking, making it a reliable solution for a variety of dental concerns.

When will a dentist recommend a dental crown?

Dental crowns play a vital role in dentistry, and can be used in many different ways. Dental crowns are used:

  • To cover a natural tooth that is weak or damaged.
  • To place over an abutment of a dental implant to replace a lost tooth.
  • To fuse to false teeth to create a dental bridge.
  • To place over a tooth that has a large dental filling.
  • To restore a tooth following root canal therapy.

By working with a dentist, a patient can learn more about their condition that may require them to have a dental crown placed in their smile. Most patients will benefit from placing restorations such as this when they need to strengthen or protect their teeth from damage.

Why choose dental crowns?

Dental crowns have many benefits. They are often affordable, and may be covered by a patient’s dental insurance plan in part or in full. They are also strong, creating a lasting restoration that may last many years with proper care. Additionally, our dental team will ensure that dental crowns match the existing smile to complete a smile in a natural-looking way.

Discuss dental crowns with a dentist

Dr. M.H. Peters of Peters Dental Associates is excited to provide Houston, TX patients with options for repairing and restoring the smile. If you reside in the community and are ready to work with a new dentist and dedicated team of professionals, we encourage you to book a visit at the facility. Call (281) 486-8061 and visit at 2508 Bay Area Boulevard in Suite 100.

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