What to expect with regular dental cleanings and examinations

Dental CleaningDr. M. H. Peters and the team at Peters Dental Associates in Houston, TX work with patients to help them understand the importance of their routine dental visits. A typical checkup with our team includes the following steps:

  • Saying hello to the receptionist. Our front office team is here to welcome you the minute you step in the door at Peters Dental Associates. They will assist in getting you checked in for your appointment. Our receptionist may also ask for information such as paperwork and dental insurance cards.
  • Meeting your dental hygienist. After a short stay in the waiting room, patients will be called and brought back to the dental chair.
  • Dental history. Once you are situated in the dental chair, our dental hygienist will ask questions about your dental needs. This is a great time to voice any concerns you have about your smile, or to bring up any recent medical conditions that may impact your oral health.
  • Cleaning the teeth. After a brief talk about the patient’s dental and medical history, the dental hygienist will begin with the dental cleaning. Plaque and tartar are scraped off of the teeth, and the hygienist will also floss between the teeth as well. A special tooth polisher is used to remove residue and help the teeth become beautiful and clean!
  • Examining the teeth. Once the teeth are cleaned, the hygienist will look for any dental concerns such as the signs of cavities or periodontal disease to relay to the dentist when he arrives. The dentist will then determine if such problems require action or monitoring.
  • Imaging of the mouth. During some dental visits, the dental hygienist may perform dental x-rays as needed to monitor the health of the smile and look for problems beneath the visible surfaces.
  • Educating the patient. When the teeth have been examined, the dentist will educate patients on any procedure that need to be completed in the future.
  • Scheduling future appointments. The final step in your routine visit will be another stop at the receptionist’s desk to get your next visit down on the calendar!

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The team of Peters Dental Associates in Houston, TX are pleased to provide patients with the treatments they need to obtain and maintain a healthy smile. If you reside in the area and are ready to work with our dedicated providers, we welcome you to call us at (281) 486-8061 to request a visit. We are conveniently located in Suite 100 at 2508 Bay Area Boulevard.

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