What is root canal therapy, and is it painful?

When infection or disease impacts a tooth, it can reach deep into the canals and impact the dental pulp inside. The dental pulp, which is a mass of tissues that includes the blood supply and nerves of a tooth, can become painful if damage occurs. This toothache can often be resolved by having patients undergo root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

Dr. M.H. Peters of Houston, TX describes root canal therapy as a procedure that benefits patients by maintaining the natural tooth and avoiding permanent extraction. Infection, disease, and trauma to a tooth may result in the need for this or other surgical procedures in the dental office. Root canal therapy allows the dentist to access the inner tooth canals to remove the dental pulp, disinfect the inner canals, and keep the tooth in place. Gutta percha and composite resin bonding are used inside the canals and to seal off the tooth to protect it. Oftentimes, the dentist may also place a custom dental crown over the tooth to strengthen it and improve protection.

Is root canal therapy painful?

When patients hear of root canal therapy, they often develop anxiety over the procedure thinking that it results in pain and discomfort. However, the procedure itself often relieves the patient of a severe toothache. The procedure can remove the pain while keeping the natural tooth in the smile at the same time. As with any dental procedure, patients may have some mild discomfort for a day or two following their treatment, but this is typically managed effectively with the use of over-the-counter pain medications.

Why consider root canal therapy?

Damage to the tooth that cannot be addressed with root canal therapy does not have an alternative treatment other than extraction. In most situations, maintaining the natural teeth in the smile is more desirable than having to remove and replace a tooth. If root canal therapy is not successful, extraction is the only option available for further treatment. Then patients work with our dental team at Peters Dental Associates to discuss tooth replacement options, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.

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