Understanding how dental implants can help in maintaining and restoring the bone of the jaw

Dental Implants | Clear Lake TXAt Peters Dental Associates, patients in the Houston, TX community and beyond will have access to a number of treatment options, especially when it comes to restorative care. Tooth loss and extraction can have a big impact on the smile. It can cause patients to lose their aesthetic appeal, while also making it difficult to eat and speak properly. In many cases, our dental providers will recommend the placement of a dental implant, which can not only replace a missing tooth but can help in maintaining healthy bone of the smile.

What happens when a tooth is lost?

The natural teeth are in place within the jaw bone, which is the proper foundation for holding them firmly in place. However, if a natural tooth is extracted or lost, the bone of the jaw may be impacted. You will see this specifically with patients who have had their teeth removed for dentures. The jaw bone shrinks and can cause patients to exhibit a “sunken in” appearance to their jaw. However, bone loss doesn’t have to occur with tooth loss. This is when our team of professionals may make a recommendation for placing dental implants.

How do dental implants maintain bone?

Patients must understand that, in order to achieve a successful placement of a dental implant, sufficient bone of the jaw must be present. The dental implant is placed during oral surgery, after which the process of bone growth occurs. This process is called osseointegration. Bone grows and wraps around the implant in the same way it wraps around the natural tooth root, which improves the strength of the jaw bone while also maintaining a proper foundation for the implant itself.

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