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The idea of missing one or more teeth in the smile can be a negative experience for patients of any age. Disease, extractions, or injuries can cause patients to require tooth replacement options for their smile. In Houston, TX, our dentist at Peters Dental Associates is pleased to provide patients with a variety of solutions for their smiles, including economical treatment options such as dentures.

When patients think of dentures, they often think of their grandparents’ teeth floating in glasses of denture cleaner in the bathroom. Fortunately, tooth replacement options have come a long way over the years. Dentures are more natural looking than ever and are no longer associated with just the elderly. They can be an economical option for many of our patients at Peters Dental Associates.

Types of dentures available

There are a few different types of dentures that are available today in dental offices. They include:

• Partial dentures – partial dentures are made of an acrylic and metal framework and replace one or more teeth within the dental arch. These removable restorations include custom-made false teeth that slide into place to restore the function and beauty of the smile.

• Full dentures – full dentures are the dentures used to replace all the teeth in the dental arch. They are fabricated to include false teeth and false gums. Patients can work with their dentist to redesign their smile and ensure the results look as natural as possible. These dentures are held in place using natural suction or special dental adhesives for stabilization.

• Implant-supported dentures – patients who need full dentures but want better support can work with their dentist to obtain implant-supported dentures, which use several dental implants along the arch to hook the dentures in place for optimum strength and functionality.

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