Things to know about dentures

Dentures Clear Lake TXPatients who wear dentures, or have considered them for their own smile, know that they can be helpful in restoring functionality. The topic of dentures is a very extensive and complex topic that may be overwhelming for patients researching their options for smile restoration. At Peters Dental Associates in Houston, TX, patients can ask questions about this and other restorative solutions, while learning more about dentures and how they work.

Below are just a few things to know about dentures and how they work to better understand if they are right for you!

  • Lower dentures can be more difficult to hold in place than upper dentures. This is due to the movement of the lips, the tongue, and the cheeks when speaking and eating that can cause the denture to dislodge. Additionally, the lower ridge is smaller and more prone to shrinking through dental resorption, and natural suction cannot hold them in place in the same way as an upper denture.
  • Gums and bone can shrink. Gum and bone loss are common with traditional dentures, which is why many patients consider the advantages of implant-supported dentures. These are dentures held in place with implants along the arch, which in turn maintain bone structure and avoid the “sunken” appearance of the jaw seen with conventional methods.
  • Dentures can last several years with proper care, though they may need to be readjusted, relined, or completed replaced if they become loose and fail to fit properly. Dentures that do not fit right may cause irritation and discomfort that can be avoided with a better quality denture.
  • Dentures are one of the most affordable options for most of our patients. In fact, many dental insurance companies will provide partial coverage for partial and full dentures in many instances. Patients with dental insurance plans are invited to bring their plan card with them to their appointment so our front office team can determine the benefits patients can use to make their dentures a solution within financial reach!

Are you considering dentures?

Speak to the team of professionals at Peters Dental Associates to discuss your specific needs and find out how to restore the smile with dentures. Call (281) 486-8061 and schedule a visit with Dr. M.H. Peters to learn more!

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