Teeth, we are Thankful for you!

dental smileDo you find that, at this time of year, the earth seems to be conspiring to bring out your grateful side? Perhaps it is merely the fact that many of us have celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday since childhood. Perhaps Mother Nature plays a hand, entertaining us with falling, fluttering leaves in bright oranges and reds. Maybe it’s just all those pumpkin spice lattes! Whatever the reason you feel grateful today, we are about to add to it by pointing out a few things you may not realize your teeth do for you.

  1. Smile, thanks to your teeth! Whenever you smile, it is your teeth that are on display. These bright, shining fixtures accentuate your personality that shows through your eyes. But there’s more. It isn’t only that your teeth give you a nice smile, but that they give you a nice face. Teeth act in an Oscar-worthy supporting role, letting your cheeks and lips give an outstanding performance of beautiful, plump contouring. Even if there are a few flaws that you feel detract from your best smile, your teeth really do enhance the beauty of your face.
  2. Smile, your teeth make for a happy tummy! It may seem like an obvious statement that your teeth are associated with your stomach. Of course, because your teeth chew food before it moves on for digestion. We have chewed food since infancy, so this act is not one that we may really think much about. If teeth are in poor condition, and the pain keeps you from wanting to chew, food may not be sufficiently ground-down before it heads to the stomach. This can mean extra work, extra stomach acid, and unwelcomed stomach upset.
  3. Smile, your teeth just got you a date! What? To explain this, we’ll look at some research. In a Match.com study, women reported a man’s smile as a leading indicator of whether or not a second date would be on the table. Further research suggests that an attractive smile not only helps us romantically, but also professionally, with study participants admitting that an attractive smile could give one job applicant a leg-up over another, equally qualified candidate.

As you say “Thank you” to your teeth for all they do, consider making a call to our Houston office to schedule your next exam and cleaning! (281) 486-8061.

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