Taking the Sensitivity out of Whitening

teeth whiteningMany of the patients that we consult with express dissatisfaction in the appearance of their teeth that relates to discoloration. This problem is prevalent among adults, whose teeth have accumulated tiny molecules of debris over the years. Teeth do not become discolored and dull because we age, it is just that, the longer we live, the more debris there is in the pores of enamel. That being said, yellow teeth do give the appearance of age. To keep your smile youthful and vibrant, all you need to do is call on the team at Peters Dental Associates. We offer the convenient, effective care you need to see the results you want.

Teeth whitening treatment is conducted at home, but that does not mean that the care you receive from us is the same as using a commercial whitening strip. The solution that your dentist uses is more concentrated than what is available commercially. This is why professional whitening gets results and why commercial products largely do not. Along with a more attractive smile, though, what many patients worry about getting from teeth whitening treatment is sensitivity.

Addressing the Sensitive Issues
Feeling self-conscious about your smile can be a sensitive issue. At the same time, you may put off getting professional help if you think your teeth will become uncomfortably sensitive from the whitening process. This is perfectly understandable, and it is not uncommon, either. However, there are two things to consider. First, not everyone develops severe sensitivity from teeth whitening (most do not). Second, there are things you can do to mitigate risks associated with teeth whitening.

  • One of the reasons that teeth become sensitive, in general, is because acidity weakens enamel. The weaker enamel is, the more reactive nerves are. Minimize acidity by rinsing the mouth with water and by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Also, consider cutting back on acidic beverages like soda and coffee, at least during your treatment plan.
  • Enamel that is weak is enamel that lacks minerals. Mineral content can be increased with certain types of toothpaste and oral care products. Talk with us about how to improve the mineral content of your teeth.

A whiter smile doesn’t have to be a pain to get. Learn more about our home whitening treatment when you call (281) 486-8061.

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