Students Have Special Smile Needs

Preventative Dentistry Clear Lake, TXThe school years are some of the most scheduled, most fun-filled, and most chaotic of our lives. This is true for students and also for the parents who facilitate carpools and cupcake sales and busy weekday mornings. Back to school time is a season of new adventures and busy-ness. The very thought of taking care of teeth and gums can understandably take a back seat to the daily grind of school days. It mustn’t, though. Students have special needs when it comes to avoiding uncomfortable dental problems. Here, we offer a few tips on how to ensure cavities and other problems don’t cause unnecessary stress.

  • Stay ahead of the game. Dental care is integral to cavity prevention. For younger students whose permanent teeth are still in the developmental stage, routine dental care not only prevents cavities but also monitors growth to predict the necessity for early orthodontic intervention. Summertime is an excellent time for checkups and cleanings. The next best time is mid-year when students have a break from school over the holiday season. Schedule your visits now, so they are not forgotten.
  • Stay in the game. Many students compliment their academia with extracurricular sporting activities. Most players are provided with gear such as mouth guards and sports-specific pads. Standard boil-and-bite mouth guards often prohibit players from breathing heavily and are thus often not worn. Talk with your child’s dentist about a custom-fit mouth guard to protect against unforeseen dental injuries.
  • Stay on your game. Students aren’t always on their game when it comes to taking care of teeth and gums. When the new school year begins, there is a lot to think about, and brushing and flossing can easily fall to the wayside. Ensure that students of all ages continue their healthy habits with age-appropriate reminders. Younger students may excel with gold-stars or other rewards. Teens may need a note taped to their mirror to brush and floss. All students (and even adults) may benefit from a timer by the sink to help them brush for two minutes.

We are here to support kids and adults of all ages in the prevention of dental problems. To schedule your visit Clear Lake dentist, Dr. Peters, call (281) 486-8061.

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