Straight Teeth are Good for Your Health

Invisalign Clear Lake Houston TXWe talk a lot these days about disease prevention because years of study have revealed that many of the potentially severe health conditions we face can be mitigated with good habits. For example, the American Dental Association has suggested that having straighter teeth can significantly lower a person’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. And we talk about the benefit of Invisalign treatment as having a more attractive smile!

There’s much more to having straight teeth than feeling great about your smile, though that is a great place to start. Here, we discuss a few prominent ways that a straight smile can be good for your health.

  1. Oral care is easier. Brushing and flossing are the daily tasks that are recommended to remove bacteria-laden plaque. When teeth are overlapping or have areas that are hard to reach, brushing and flossing are less efficient, and there is a higher chance of inflammation and infection in the form of cavities and gum disease.
  2. Gum health is better. Just like crowded teeth can invite inflammation into the delicate tissue around teeth, so can too much space. Straightening teeth often means closing excessive space and creating space where it is needed. Optimizing space in between teeth allows you to floss more efficiently and support better gum health.
  3. Better durability. Teeth are durable to an extent. When teeth are misaligned, some surfaces may endure more force than others when chewing and biting. Misalignment can also contribute to bruxism, the grinding or clenching habit that exerts intense pressure on teeth. Any amount of excess force causes teeth to wear down prematurely.
  4. Less head and neck pain. Recent research has suggested that chronic head and neck pain may be attributed to TMJ disorder, a condition that could stem from a bad bite or bruxism. Straighter teeth could mean less grinding and clenching, less force on the jaw, and greater comfort all around.

We don’t need to be talked into wanting a healthy, attractive smile. What we need are workable solutions. For patients of our Houston office, Invisalign is just what they’ve been waiting for. Are you ready? Call Peters Dental Associates at (281) 486-8061.

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