Stay Calm With Sedation: Learn More About NuCalm

dental sedation clear lake, txIt used to be that getting patients who suffered from dental related anxiety to come to the dentist was nearly impossible. However, with the advancement of dental sedation, patients are now able to come into see Dr. Peters without feeling anxiety and stress. With a variety of different types of dental sedation, depending on the kind of stress you are suffering from and the procedure you are undergoing, there is an option for you to choose from. From mere laughing gas to NuCalm, there is a different strength of sedation for you. This article will discuss one particular form of sedation therapy, called NuCalm. Read on to learn more.

What Is NuCalm?

One of the biggest concerns that patients have in regards to dental sedation is having to use a substance or drug to become sedated. However, with NuCalm there are no drugs or substances involved. By using neuroscience technology, patients can let go of their anxieties and remain calm throughout their entire procedure.

What Is NuCalm Like?

The NuCalm system is a four-step program that is made up of the following:

Step 1: By either chewing a NuCalm supplement or applying a NuCalm topical cream directly to your skin, your nerves will be calmed and you will start to feel relaxed.

Step 2: Microcurrent patches will be placed directly behind each ear.

Step 3: You will wear noise canceling headphones which are designed to bring you into the early stages of sleep.

Step 4: You will wear a light blocking face mask to help you to stay calm, cool, and collected during your entire procedure.

Depending on how severe your anxiety is and what type of dental procedure you have to undergo, Dr. Peters may or may not recommend that you use NuCalm. However, as a safe and effective way to calm your nerves and help you to feel more relaxed during your procedure, NuCalm is popular amongst most of our patients. If you would like to learn more about NuCalm or other forms of sedation therapy, contact Dr. Peters today to schedule an appointment.



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