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Replace missing teeth

Decayed, chipped, and missing teeth; all of them ruin your smile. Dentures are one of your options to fix the problems, but many people don’t like the feel and problems eating certain foods. Fixed bridges present another option that many people prefer.

What are fixed bridges?

Fixed bridges are non-removable dental appliances that are great replacements for missing teeth. The dental bridge literally “bridges” the space that is left when a tooth or several teeth are missing. Typically, a dental bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth, also known as pontics, which are supported on each side by two dental crowns known as abutments. Commonly, replacement teeth are made of porcelain material that closely resembles natural teeth, although gold can also be used.

Why do I need a fixed bridge?

Dr. Peters usually recommends a fixed bridge to his patients for a variety of reasons. For one, a fixed bridge fills the gap left by missing teeth. This is critical because, if the gap is not filled, the adjacent teeth will tend to move into the vacated spaces causing your teeth to become misaligned. By filling the gap, the chances of losing bone mass in that area of the jawbone also decrease. A fixed bridge, by giving you an artificial tooth or teeth where there were none also enables you to once again eat normal foods and speak without issues such as whistling. For patients who have existing removable partials, they will benefit from a fixed bridge since they do not have to worry about removing and replacing their dental appliance.

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What can I expect during my fixed bridge appointment?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Peters will assess your condition and identify the treatment that suits you best. If he determines you need a fixed bridge, together you will choose the right type of bridge based on the location and size of your restoration as well as your personal preference. At that point, impressions will be made of your teeth and bite. Those will be sent off to the lab for fabrication of your custom-made bridge. While the permanent bridge is being created, Dr. Peters will place a temporary one that will serve as a placeholder. Crowns will be placed on the teeth on each side of your missing teeth. These will serve as the anchors for your bridge. Once the permanent bridge is done, you will return to our office to have it placed.

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