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Achieve a beautiful, functioning smile

Teeth that have been damaged beyond repair may have to be extracted to avoid causing further problems. However, the patient still needs the function of a healthy, complete set of teeth. Through high quality dentures and partial dentures, patients can still chew their favorite foods and flash a beautiful smile.

What is a denture?

A denture is a removable dental appliance that is designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. This dental appliance closely matches the appearance of natural teeth, and may even be an improved version of the patient’s former natural smile.

What are the two kinds of dentures?

There are two kinds of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures. As you would expect, complete dentures are meant for those who have lost all their teeth, or need to have all of their remaining teeth extracted due to severe decay, damage and or gum disease. Partial dentures are meant to replace several natural teeth. Partial dentures fill the gaps where teeth have been lost while preventing neighboring teeth from moving into the vacated spaces.

Why do I need dentures?

If you’ve lost many or all of your teeth, you will face serious challenges eating many foods and speaking. You’ll put more pressure on your digestive tract by not thoroughly chewing your food. Plus, without support, your facial tissues and underlying bone structure will begin to collapse inward. And don’t you deserve a nice smile?

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What can I expect when getting dentures?

Getting dentures does not happen overnight; it usually requires several appointments and several weeks. First, there will be a consultation and diagnosis. Once dentures are the agreed upon remedy, Dr. Peters will make a series of impressions of your mouth to guide the dental lab in the fabrication of your dentures. Next, you will have a few “try-in” sessions to make sure the color, shape, and fit of the appliance is right for you. In the case of a partial, the “try-in” session will compare your artificial teeth to your adjacent remaining natural teeth. Through this time adjustments will be made. Then, during the final appointment, Dr. Peters will then make precise final adjustments to the denture before placing it in your mouth, ensuring a natural, comfortable feel.

What can I expect when wearing dentures?

During your first time wearing your dentures, you may notice an increased flow of your saliva, some soreness, and possible difficulty chewing and speaking. However, these symptoms will eventually subside as your oral tissues and muscles slowly adjust to the new appliances. Our team at Peters Dental Associates will give you tips on getting used to your new dentures, along with instructions on how to properly care for them. With the proper care and hygiene, you can generally expect your dentures to last up to seven years before refitting or replacing.

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