Resolving the Breath Issue

Dental Cleaning Clear Lake TX & Houston TXA smile is a beautiful thing that we’d all like to have. This feature can connect us on a personal level with colleagues, potential bosses or clients, and with new friends. That is if the attractiveness of the smile is not overwhelmed by bad breath. In such a scenario, the breath wins. Every time. And that means a loss of the person behind it. We hope that person is not you.

Bad breath is not a problem that can be tolerated. It eats at your confidence and may degrade your relationships. Let’s look at what may be the underlying problem, so you may know how to fix it if bad breath creeps into your life.

It’s the Environment

The mouth is a whole world unto itself. It’s got a particular landscape, and its ecosystem, “wildlife” and all. What we refer to here as wildlife is the collective of hundreds of different forms of bacteria that come in and go out on a routine basis. Bacteria are at the heart of most dental conditions, including bad breath. Here’s how to manage the oral environment:

  • Make brushing a mindful practice. Complacency is to be expected anytime we do something over and over again. When it comes to brushing, there is no room for error. Two minutes are needed morning and night to attain the desired goal of bacterial management.
  • Make flossing a daily practice. Forgetting to floss also points to complacency. We can do a lot of things in a hurry, but taking care of the mouth is not one of them. Floss. Otherwise, bacteria remain where they can cause odor.
  • Scrape it, too. If you brush and you floss, and you still sense an odor, it’s probably coming from the back of your tongue. Scrapers are easy to find and easy to use to remove bacteria from this surface.

There’s a Bigger Problem

Hygiene is one thing, and then there are other issues that may lead to odor. These can be treated by your dentist.

  • Bad breath may indicate that inflammation or infection has developed in the gums or on teeth. Getting a deep cleaning to remove bacteria and debris from the mouth is necessary to avoid steeper consequences.
  • Dentures may be a source of odor if they are not cleaned well enough, or if they do not fit well enough. Dental care can address each of these issues quickly.

Your Houston dentist cares about your smile and how it makes you feel. For friendly and professional service, call (281) 486-8061.




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