Is There Really any Harm in Putting off that Dental Exam?

Dental CleaningYou may not consider yourself a procrastinator, but if you really think about it, your busy schedule may be keeping you from getting everything done that needs to get done. Do you find yourself mentally putting off certain chores or projects until a better time, a time when you can give full focus to the task? If so, you may also find yourself putting off scheduling dental care; not because it doesn’t really matter to you, but because, well, there are more pressing matters on your plate.

Let’s look at why you want to stay current with dental care . . .

  • What you don’t see. When you brush your teeth each morning and night, you may flash a smile and see how bright and shiny your teeth look. No obvious signs of problems mean no problems, right? Not necessarily. You see, that sticky biofilm we call plaque is very sneaky. A new layer forms overnight, while you sleep. Within a 24-hour period, plaque can become a problem if oral hygiene is lacking at all. What happens during your dental exam is that your dentist may see what you can’t: hidden areas of plaque, and maybe even some tartar. So, together, you and your dentist are a dream-team for your smile!
  • Molehill or mountain, take your pick. We suppose that your choice may depend on what’s at stake. What if it’s your oral health? Would you rather your dentist perform preventive cleanings and maybe a little plaque removal, or a root canal? You’re starting to see the big picture, now. Routine dental care is about preventing problems, and about catching them when they are small and easily treatable. And that means . . .
  • Routine care can take the stress out of dentistry. Just because we have chosen to work in the dental profession doesn’t mean that we don’t feel a twinge of disappointment if we need shots of local anesthetic for restorative care. We’re just like you, and we’d like to avoid this if we can – which is why we are careful to keep up with exams and cleanings. The less care you need, the less there is to fear about dentistry!

When you visit Peters Dental Associates in Houston, you will discover very quickly that we value comfort and peace of mind for our patients. To schedule your visit, call (281) 486-8061.

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