Is it Possible You Need Urgent Dental Care?

Tooth pain is something that should always be taken seriously. Still, what may happen more often than not is this: slight sensitivity or pain develops, and it is noticed. That’s all. The approach is more of a “wait and see” than a “hey I’d better see the dentist” kind of thing. For the most part, if we’re dealing with subtle pain, the consequences of waiting a week or two for a dental appointment may be minor; a filling may be needed. However, there are times when dental care should not be put off. Here, we want to discuss a few types of tooth pain you don’t want to ignore.

Throbbing Pain

It may feel rather fascinating to sense throbbing in a tooth that coincides with your heartbeat. Don’t forget, though, that tooth pain is not a good thing, no matter how fascinating it is. A throbbing toothache could be a symptom of infection deep inside the tooth, even along the root. We call this particular type of infection an abscess. A tooth abscess is a physical sore, like a fluid-filled cyst. These sacs that develop in a localized are must be treated to avoid the seepage of bacteria into surrounding tissue. Abscesses may also break open, creating a very real threat to the body. If you experience throbbing tooth pain, call your Houston dentist right away.

Sudden, Severe Pain

The development of pain “out of the blue” could indicate that infection is started in the pulp chamber of the tooth. This type of pain is usually distracting, and needs a little relief. Initially, comfort might improve if you rinse your mouth with warm salty water. However, this will not last long. Severe pain that makes it difficult to concentrate needs to be treated right away. If infection remains in the tooth too long (even a day or two), there is a chance that the tooth will suffer irreparable damage and will need to be extracted.

Intense Sensitivity

Usually we think of tooth sensitivity as the mildest of all types of tooth pain. This may not be true in every situation. Sometimes, people notice that sensitivity is more like a localized, intense pain that correlates with the temperature of something they have put in their mouth. A hot cup of coffee, for instance, or even the water used to rinse after brushing. Sharp sensitivity may even occur when a deep breath is drawn in. First of all, why would you want to suffer through this? Second, this type of tooth pain might mean you have a cavity, or that an abscess has formed somewhere within a tooth.

Do you have tooth pain? Come in and see us. We’ll resolve your pain with friendly dental care. Call our Houston office at (281) 486-8061.

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