A Porcelain Crown Adds Structure and Value to Your Smile

Dental Crowns Houston TXWhen a dental crown is needed, it is usually because a tooth has been badly damaged. Crowns have historically been placed squarely into the category of restorative dentistry. However, as dental materials and techniques have improved over time, the capabilities of dental crowns have expanded. Finally, dental restorations can pull double-duty; they can restore structure where it is needed, and they can also preserve the natural appearance of the smile. Today’s crowns are not our Grandma’s crowns!

Leading the Pack

Porcelain has come to be a leader in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry for a good reason. Some of the advantages that patients get from porcelain dental restorations include:

  • Attractive appearance. When we say that porcelain crowns are attractive, what we mean is that they look just like natural teeth. Even when porcelain was originally used in restorative dentistry, there remained a metal-base as the foundation for most crowns. This meant opacity. It meant a darker shade of white. For porcelain to mimic enamel, it needs to be solid, organic, no metal. All porcelain crowns are largely chosen by patients who want to keep their smile in pristine aesthetic condition.
  • Metal-free. It has come to light in recent decades that the medical and dental treatments we choose can affect our general health and appearance. Metal in the mouth can contribute to inflammation, and may behave in a contradictory manner to other metals in the mouth if there are any. As patients have realized the effects of metal dental work, more are asking for metal-free options. We are happy to oblige.
  • Dental crowns are intended for longevity. Their primary function is to provide coverage for a damaged tooth, not to look good. Fortunately, porcelain crowns can do both! The strength of an all-porcelain crown facilitates several years of function.

Dental crowns have come a long way throughout modern dentistry. The restorative care that we provide to patients of our Houston office looks lifelike and also maintains the resilience needed for biting and chewing. If you are in need of a dental crown, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your various options. Call (281) 486-8061 to schedule your visit with us.

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