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Maintain Healthy Teeth

It is important to recognize that there is no “cure” for periodontal disease. It can only be controlled, like diabetes for instance. If proper oral hygiene is neglected, be sure that problems with the teeth and gums will follow. Dr. Peters ardently recommends regular maintenance cleanings after a patient undergoes periodontal treatment. Regular cleanings can help from rebuilding the problems that caused your periodontal disease in the first place.

Why are maintenance cleanings important after periodontal disease treatment?

Plaque can turn into tartar (also called calculus) within 24 hours. While daily oral hygiene at home can control the formation of plaque and calculus on your teeth, there are hard-to-reach areas that can’t be adequately addressed. To keep periodontal disease from recurring, Dr. Peters suggests his patients who have had periodontal disease treatment come in for maintenance cleanings four times a year, twice the number for regular patients.

What happens during maintenance cleanings for periodontal disease?

During these cleaning sessions, Dr. Peters gently checks the pockets formed in the gums to see if they are staying healthy. Plaque or calculus that forms above or below the gumline, which may be difficult for you to remove through brushing, is removed.

Additionally, periodontal cleanings and evaluations will include:

  • Examination of diagnostic X-rays– X-rays are essential in detecting decay, cysts, tumors, and impending bone loss. This diagnostic tool is also used to determine the position of every tooth and its root.
  • Examination of existing dental restorations– The condition of the patient’s current fillings, veneers, crowns, or other restorations will be checked.
  • Examination of decay in the teeth– The surface of the teeth will be checked for signs of decay.
  • Oral cancer screening– Dr. Peters will examine the face, neck, tongue, throat, gums, cheek tissues, and the lips for signs of oral cancer.
  • Oral hygiene and care recommendations– The dentist will review and recommend effective oral hygiene aids that you might need, such as electric toothbrushes, fluorides, rinses, periodontal brushes, and others.
  • Teeth polishing– Any remaining plaque and normal stains that haven’t been removed by tooth brushing and scaling procedures will be removed with polishing.

Recovery from periodontal disease demands attentive care, including periodontal maintenance cleanings. This keeps the disease from returning and helps with your overall oral health going forward.

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