There is no Expiration Date on a Great Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Clear Lake, TXDuring early adulthood, many of us realized that our smile held some power. Liking the appearance of our teeth may have become as important as liking the clothes we wore, or the way our hair looked. An attractive smile is a part of feeling our best, that is for sure. And this applies to our self-image at any age. Today, we are seeing adults of all ages attend to their aging skin. We want to urge our patients to also recognize the value of high-quality dentistry for a dazzling, youthful smile.

Aging Isn’t What It Used to Be

You may remember your parents or parents’ friends retiring at a certain age. Maybe you’re near that age yourself or have already past it. Maybe you have parents that “should have” retired long ago but are still actively pursuing a career they love. The fact of the matter is that many older adults are staying in the professional arena longer these days than in previous generations. In fact, some say that an adult who is near retirement age may only be reaching his or her peak. Perhaps this is why we see so many Baby Boomers holding strong in their career or volunteer work.

The unique challenge that an older adult has in the workplace is needing to stay competitive. According to research, this means looking competitive. Fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, and darker hair may all come to mind, but none of these attributes outdoes a radiant smile. Did you know that a vibrant smile is not only revered for its beauty, but that it also portrays energy, friendliness, and trustworthiness? For an older adult wanting to impress a potential client or employer, these are fine characteristics to exhibit – and all through a smile.

The same benefits that can occur professionally are also found in social interactions. Adults don’t stop dating just because they grow older. In recent years, we have seen a surge in online dating among older adults. Men and women interested in maintaining an active social life, romantic or not, have a lot to gain by supporting their appearance with cosmetic or restorative dentistry to bring out the best in their smile.

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