The New Age of Tooth Replacement

Dental ImplantsLosing a tooth is only a joyous event when we are children (although, pretty scary, too!). Throughout our teen and adult years, we may live with an unspoken expectation related to our teeth: they will stay in place forever. One look at statistics tells us this is absolutely not a given. More than 25% of adults over the age of 35 will lose a tooth. The older a person gets, the more likely tooth loss becomes. This could seem like the norm, but it’s not.

Another aspect of tooth loss that could be perceived as “the norm” is the method with which teeth are replaced. Back in 700BC, people tried replacing their teeth with the teeth of deceased humans or animals. Prior to 1900, toothlessness was very common. Throughout the 20th Century, we were fortunate enough to benefit from innovation in the area of dentistry. Today, we don’t just replace teeth, we also reinstate the foundation that gives them their stability.

It’s all about the Right Structure

We have all seen it, either in person or in a “funny” video – a person loses his or her denture at the most inopportune time. Any time is a bad time for your teeth to fall out of your mouth. While we may giggle while watching such a thing happen, just imagine the embarrassment if that were you. Maybe it has been you! Losing hold of a denture is not your fault. It’s also not necessary. However, it is the natural byproduct of poor structuring.

Dental implants create the structure that is needed for teeth to stay in place, just like your roots lay the foundation for your natural teeth. We are proud to offer patients of our Houston dental office the option of single dental implants as an alternative to the fixed bridge, and of multiple implants as a base support for full dentures.

When it comes to learning about dental implants, there is really nothing to lose, yet everything to gain. Your teeth are more than the fixtures that give your smile that special something. They allow you to chew, to speak, and to maintain an optimal sense of wellness. For more information on tooth replacement options, call (281) 486-8061.





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