How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Last?

Invisalign Clear Lake Houston TXMisaligned teeth can be very problematic. It doesn’t matter whether you have had braces before and have experienced a mild to moderate relapse, or if you have lived with gaps or turned teeth your entire life; when you’re ready for a change, you’re ready. Invisalign is a system that can make the entire process easier to navigate. However, convenient this protocol may be, patients still tend to want to know how long their Invisalign treatment will take. We want to discuss that here.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign may look nothing like conventional braces, but this treatment works on the same basic principles. The clear aligners worn throughout treatment exert firm, consistent pressure onto certain teeth to first loosen them from the periodontal ligament and then to get them to move to a healthier position. The planning of Invisalign treatment is sophisticated in that the series of aligners that is manufactured is very precise; one paves the way for the next. This process is one of the keys to understanding how long Invisalign treatment may take.

To loosen and move teeth in a comfortable manner means that it is necessary to exert gentle pressure on tooth structures. Invisalign does this. Each new aligner feels snug for several days, and then the sensation changes to feel as though the aligner is barely there. This change in sensation indicates that teeth are moving as desired. This leads to another key element in successful and timely Invisalign treatment, commitment to wear.

One of the best aspects of Invisalign is also one of the biggest risks: aligners are removable. BPA-free plastic aligners are far more comfortable than braces because there are no “poky parts.” However, there is inevitably going to be a bit of discomfort during the movement of teeth. This could create a temptation to remove aligners more frequently than is appropriate. Aligners may be forgotten after meals or taken out too often for meetings or other important events. Anytime aligners are out of the mouth; they are not working. This is obvious, and yet the commitment to wear continues to be problematic for some patients.

If you want a straight smile in 6 to 18 months and are disciplined with usage, Invisalign could be an ideal treatment for you. To learn more, call our Houston office at (281) 486-8061.

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