Learn about Acceledent Aura in Houston, TX

At Peters Dental Associates, our team of professionals help Houston, TX patients with their oral health care needs. In addition, they provide these services with the latest technologies and modalities available today. This includes the use of the Acceledent Aura as an additive to traditional orthodontic treatments.

Understanding the Acceledent Aura

When patients are interested in realigning the smile, they may shy away from speaking to their dentist about it. They may fear that the only way to address the misalignment is with the use of traditional orthodontic treatment. Metal brackets and wires are often a source of embarrassment for adults who are interested in improving the smile. However, with the Acceledent Aura, patients with traditional braces can increase the movement considerably more, resulting in less time with conventional orthodontics. In fact, the Acceledent Aura is known for accelerating the movement of teeth undergoing orthodontic treatment by up to 50%.

The Acceledent Aura works by using SoftPulse Technology to increase tooth movement. Patients wear the hands-free mouthpiece, which is designed to fit around the existing orthodontics. When worn for approximately 20 minutes  a day, patients can greatly reduce the time they spend in braces and may find that they make orthodontic treatment more comfortable than ever!

Who is a good candidate for Acceledent Aura?

Most patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment are welcome to ask the team at Peters Dental Associates about integrating Acceledent Aura into their treatment process. Patients can book a consultation visit with the team and discuss their specific needs and desires. Patients can ask questions about the treatment, and can speak to our providers about how to use it properly for the best results. With proper compliance, most patients can speed up their treatment and wear their braces for a shorter period of time than those who do not utilize Acceledent Aura.

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If you are located in or around the area of Houston, TX and are interested in learning more about the benefits of treatment in our state-of-the-art facility, we welcome you to book an appointment. We can be reached by calling (281) 486-8061 and we are located at 2508 Bay Area Boulevard, Ste. 100.

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