We Know What Tooth Replacement is Really All About

Dental Implants Houston TXLosing at tooth is only special and exciting during childhood. After the mouth is filled with permanent teeth, it should stay that way for life. It is interesting that only about 100 years ago this wasn’t the norm. Half of all adults could expect to lose the majority of their teeth. Additionally, they could expect to live out their lives without teeth due to the minimal use of dentures at that time. Today, we don’t have to live without teeth. We also don’t have to resolve to live out our lives with dentures. At Peters Dental Associates, our Houston area patients can get what they need by learning more about dental implants.

Meeting the Full Extent of Successful Tooth Replacement

For tooth replacement to be successful, it needs to meet a few key needs.

  • Natural teeth are usually very reliable. They function as they should. Replacement teeth should be no different. Dental implants have made this possible for individuals needing full-arch tooth replacement. Reliance on dentures used to be the only option for restoring structure after tooth loss. But dentures have no anchor, so they are unstable. Instability equals inefficiency. Dental implants are the anchor we’ve been needing to restore full function to chewing and speaking.
  • Everlasting structure. For something to be everlasting means that it lasts for life. This is what we naturally expect of our natural teeth, but that isn’t always what we get. Dental implants are posts made of corrosion-resistant titanium. When they are situated in the jaw, they invite bone tissue to grow around them. The unification of bone around implant posts solidifies them as a long-lasting part of the jaw, providing the permanence that patients expect and deserve.
  • Taking care of replacement teeth should be no more complex than taking care of natural teeth. With dentures, it is necessary to remove fixtures from the mouth and soak, gently brush, and rinse them. Any time a denture leaves the mouth, it could be broken. One slip and drop and a denture may need to be replaced. Dental implants secure whatever fixture is anchored to them; a crown, bridge, or denture. This facilitates easier cleaning and maintenance, which then supports that everlasting nature that is deserved.

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