How to repair gum tissue after treating late stage periodontal disease

Patients who have had periodontal disease often know how damaging it can be to the smile. Late stage periodontitis can result in problems such as gum tissue loss, bone shrinking, and even the loss of natural teeth. Repairing the smile after periodontal disease is important to keep the smile functioning properly and ensure a healthy appearance. Patients who have experienced gum tissue loss will need to work with a dentist to restore their smile with gum grafting.

Understanding the purpose of gum grafting

Just like skin grafts replace skin, gum grafts can replace gum tissue. Gum grafting is a procedure often performed to restore gum tissue when it has been lost due to periodontal disease. The procedure allows the dentist to give the smile a more natural appearance with a proper balance of teeth and gums. The gums frame the smile and ensure that it looks healthy and attractive. By adding gum tissue where it is needed, patients can also reduce the exposure of natural tooth roots that can cause added sensitivity to the teeth.

How do I ensure the results last?

Patients who undergo gum grafting are often educated on ways to maintain a healthy smile by their dentist. Dr. M. H. Peters will not perform gum grafting if patients still have an active infection. Patients should ask their dentist questions about the healing process following the procedure and they ways in which they can maintain their results. This may include brushing and flossing after every meal and more dental visits than the standard annual two. Monitoring infections associated with periodontal disease is one way to maintain a healthy smile and keep the condition from causing even more damage to the teeth, bone, or gums.

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