How to care for all-on-fours

Patients in Houston, TX missing an entire arch of teeth may find that they have experienced dramatic changes in their life. In addition to making it harder to speak effectively, it can also impact the appearance of the smile and your ability to eat your favorite foods. In situations such as this, Dr. M. H. Peters of Peters Dental Associates may recommend the placement of all-on-fours. With all-on-fours, patients can regain the lifestyle they once enjoyed!

What are all-on-fours?

All-on-fours are a special variety of dental implant placement that provides the dentist the ability to replace an entire arch of teeth in a less invasive manner than placing a dental implant for each individual tooth. The all-on-four method is also beneficial in that it is stronger and more durable than the use of a full denture commonly used with extensive tooth loss. With all-on-fours, four dental implants are strategically placed along the dental arch and used to hold a prosthetic that is retained in the mouth using the dental implants.

How to care for all-on-fours

There are a few recommendations that Dr. M. H. Peters may share with patients to help them heal properly from their surgery and have the best experience.

  • Allow for recovery. Understand that with any surgical procedure, the body needs to rest and heal.
  • Follow aftercare instructions. The dentist will provide aftercare instructions for you to follow after your procedure. Follow these carefully to avoid implant failure or infection.
  • Eat soft foods. Enjoy softer foods while the area is healing to reduce the risk of damage to the implants.
  • Take medications as prescribed. It is not unusual to experience swelling, bruising, and other discomforts that can occur. The dentist may prescribe medications to manage these concerns and ensure proper healing.
  • Maintain proper hygiene habits. The dentist will provide recommendations regarding the care of the smile during this time to keep the smile healthy and reduce the risk of infection and further problems.

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