How Does Sugar Affect Your Dental Health?

Over the years, dentists have mentioned time and time again that sugar is bad for your teeth and your overall health. However, many patients in the area of Houston, TX are unaware of how exactly sugar can contribute to poor oral hygiene. Dr. M.H. Peters, Jr. and the team at Peters Dental Associates encourage patients to ask about their oral health and determine the best ways to keep their smile healthy!

Sugar itself is not the issue—acid is!

While it’s simple to say that sugar causes cavities, this is not actually a trust statement. Instead, the process of how sugar creates cavities is where the problem lies. Sugar left on the surfaces of the teeth can mix with the natural bacteria in the mouth and form an acid. This acid then eliminates the minerals from the natural tooth enamel. The enamel is what protects the tooth and keeps it strong for biting and chewing forces. The removal of this enamel is known as demineralization and occurs due to the acids.

Saliva has minerals such as phosphate and calcium that can help repair enamel over time by replacing the minerals lost due to acids. This is why patients with dry mouth conditions may have more dental issues. However, saliva alone cannot save the teeth from damage such as cavities. The enamel becomes destroyed and weaker, resulting in the formation of holes in the teeth called cavities.

Cavities can contribute to poor oral health and wellness, and if left untreated, can become extremely problematic for patients. It can cause as much damage as periodontal disease, and can result in the loss of natural teeth. Patients who consume sugary foods should take great care in brushing and flossing their teeth after these snacks and visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.

Ready to learn more about maintaining oral health and wellness?

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