Get To Know Your Teeth

arms-up-sunshineHow much do you know about your teeth and how they work? Now is a great time to learn more!

What kinds of teeth do you have?

Humans have four types of teeth: the incisors, the canines, the pre-molars, and the molars.

The incisors are the eight thinner teeth in the front of your mouth. Four are on the top row and four are on the bottom. They are different sizes, but they serve the same function. They are used primarily for biting.

The canines are the teeth on the sides of the incisors. These teeth are sharper and pointier than the rest of your teeth and they are good for gripping and tearing food. You have two canines on the top row of your mouth and two on the bottom row.

The pre-molars come next and they are larger and flatter than the incisors or canines. The premolars are used for crushing food. Most adults have 8 premolars.

The molars are the largest, flattest teeth at the back of your mouth. Adults usually have 12 molars, but that number includes the wisdom teeth. Often there isn’t room for the wisdom teeth or they grow in at a strange angle so they need to be removed. The molars are used for chewing and grinding food.

What is inside your teeth?

Each tooth in your mouth is made up of multiple parts:

  • The crown—this is the part of your tooth that you can see. It sits above the gumline.
  • The root—the root is the longer, thinner part of your tooth that is below the gumline.
  • The enamel—the enamel is the hard white substance on the exterior of your teeth. It protects your teeth when you chew and is the first line of defense against oral health issues.
  • The dentin—the dentin is the yellowish substance underneath the enamel. It is a little bit softer than the enamel.
  • The pulp—the pulp is made up of nerves and blood vessels that provide your teeth with the nutrients needed to keep your mouth healthy and strong.

To learn more about your teeth and to keep them healthy, schedule a checkup at Peters Dental Associates.

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