Gain Power Against Dental Anxiety

Dental AnxietyThere are plenty of instances in which a little fear could be good for us. Dental visits are not one of them, but it is this very experience that many people find so daunting that they cannot bring themselves to make the appointments they need to avoid painful dental problems. The reasons for dental anxiety are as diverse as the scenery from coast to coast, and the severity with which they strike can leave a person in great need of a little TLC as far as their mouth goes. The team at Peters Dental Associates wants you to know that your comfort and peace of mind are our priority. Here, we will look at some of the things that may be standing in the way of quality dental experiences, and what can be done to improve them.

  • Anesthetic. We all love what a few shots of local anesthetic can do to make dental treatment possible, but the fear of needles is quite significant for many people. There are techniques that are employed to make pre-treatment as comfortable as possible. However, there is also a really good way to handle the fear of needles: see your dentist for preventive care! In most cases, when dental visits take place twice-a-year, they need not involve restorative treatment, or needles.
  • Uncertainty. Before a dental visit, it is normal for a person to question what may be going on in their mouth. This should not turn into worry, though. If it does, one may begin to weave a frightening story that the dentist will alert them to a horrible problem. When you think about it, there aren’t really any horrible dental problems that could come as a total shock! Usually, the worst a patient hears is they need a root canal. Furthermore, this is usually not something that happens when dental care is received regularly.
  • Gagging. If you have difficulty brushing your teeth without sending your overactive gag reflex into spasms, you may struggle in the area of dentistry. Not so much because of your gag reflex itself, but because you’re unsure what to do about it. Talk with our friendly dental team if your reflex is strong. We most likely have a number of suggestions to alleviate this concern.

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