Four things you should be doing between dental examinations and cleanings

While visiting the dentist every six months for an evaluation and cleaning is a great way to keep the smile healthy, oral health cannot be supported alone in this manner. Good oral hygiene habits at home ensure a smile that is free from cavities and periodontal disease. Many patients are curious as to what they need to do each day to maintain a healthy smile. Below are just a few of the recommendations from the team at Peters Dental Associates in Houston, TX:

  • Cleaning the teeth at home each day – patients need to brush and floss their teeth each day to remove plaque and tartar while protecting the smile from disease and decay. Brushing should occur after every meal and flossing at least once a day.
  • Monitoring for changes in oral health – when problems occur within the smile, an early diagnosis and effective treatment will reduce the amount of damage it causes. If you are noticing any changes that have occurred, such as shifting teeth or bleeding when brushing, it is important to see the dentist as soon as possible, even if your upcoming visit is months away. Early detection and treatment of conditions reduces the cost of treatment and the damage.
  • Eating a proper diet that supports healthy teeth – are you eating right? A diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in sugars and sweets can contribute to a healthier smile. Candies and colas can contribute to poor oral health, especially if patients are not brushing and flossing immediately after consumption.
  • Avoiding damage to the natural teeth – activities such as using the teeth to open packages or chewing on ice cubes can damage the teeth and require extensive dental work to repair. It is best to make smart choices to reduce the risk of damaging natural tooth enamel and needing an unexpected trip to the dentist for treatments.

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It is essential that patients keep up with good oral hygiene habits between visits to Peters Dental Associate. Our team encourages patients to learn more about caring for their smiles to maintain better dental health. Contact our facility by calling (281) 486-8061 and scheduling a consultation visit with our staff.

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