Are you Falling for these Ideas about Dentists?

dental misconceptions clear lake, txThere is an interesting fact about the general view of dentists among people in our country . . . Most people don’t like seeing the dentist. This is expressed in some ways, one of the less-gentle being “I hate having to go to the dentist!” Our feelings might be slightly hurt by such a statement, except that we see what’s behind it. For the most part, such exclamations have more to do with a person’s fear of dental treatments, or discomfort at having someone looking in their mouth, than with their personal feelings about the person providing dental care.

Several ideas could lead you to feel apprehensive about seeing the dentist. The good news is that none of them are true statements.  When you find a Houston dentist like Dr. Peters, your attitude toward dental care may take a positive turn.

All dentists want to do is hurt you.

Now this one hurts a little! Only in an evil B-budget horror movie would a dentist be interested in hurting his patients. In truth, the reason why any dentist becomes a dentist (knowing that most people hate the dentist!) is that there is a strong desire to help people avoid pain. We pride ourselves on helping patients address the issues they face so they can enjoy healthy, pain-free smiles.

One bad dentist can wreck everything.

If there is a “bad dentist” in your past, you may believe this sentiment to be true. However, know that there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed. Most of the bad experiences that patients express don’t include things like teeth being severely damaged due to dental treatment. What bad experiences often boil down to is discomfort and anxiety that were not appropriately addressed. We say, give a new dentist a chance. Chance are, you will be happily surprised when you meet a dentist who proves you wrong.

I’ll just see the dentist when I have to.

Well, that’s one idea, but it may not be the best approach to keeping your smile healthy. How much more stressful it must be to search for a dentist when you’re in pain and need a same-day appointment! When this is the norm, there is little chance that your feelings about dentistry being an unpleasant chore will change.

There are many good reasons to schedule a visit with your dentist today. Call our Houston office at (281) 486-8061.




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