Dental Implants Cost vs. Value

Dental Implants Clear Lake TXThe way we spend money is quite interesting. Even the most conscientious of us tend to have a desire to receive a reward when dollars are handed over. This is why we can perceive the purchase of a new car or watch as exciting rather than obligatory. Purchasing a replacement tooth? This isn’t something most people think about facing. When the opportunity presents itself, the cost of dental care becomes paramount. Here, we want to discuss why dental implant treatment is something to observe more carefully than through the lens of initial costs.

The longstanding techniques used to replace teeth include the dental bridge and dentures. While there are benefits found in each option, including a lower up-front cost, multiple studies suggest that the best value is obtained with dental implants.

Monetary Value

When a tooth has been severely damaged or has fallen out due to injury or disease, an investment in a new tooth or teeth is going to be necessary. The only way around this investment is to choose not to replace the tooth. However, this choice comes with some steep consequences, the most significant of which is the loss of bone density in the jaw. Bone loss can also occur beneath dentures and also beneath a dental bridge because there are no roots left to provide the stimulation that is necessary to regenerate new bone tissue.

Tooth replacement with a bridge or with dentures does cost less up front. However, moving beyond initial cost, we can see that each of these restorations has a lifespan of 5 to 15 years before replacement may be needed. Dental implants fuse with bone. Therefore, barring severe injury or disease that affects deep gum and bone tissue, these fixtures are expected to last indefinitely.

Sentimental Value

Can dental treatment have sentimental value? Perhaps not directly, but most people do have an emotional connection to their quality of life. Tooth replacement might be perceived as merely structural; just put teeth back where they belong. However, there are extensive quality-of-life benefits that stem from having teeth that look good, feel good, and work well. Chewing is not only necessary for digestion, but the ability to chew also impacts how much a meal is enjoyed, or the variety of foods that can be eaten.

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