Dental bridges play an important role in tooth replacement

dental implants patient | Clear Lake TXAt Peters Dental Associates, Dr. M.H. Peters, Jr. and his team can help patients in their time of need. When natural teeth are extracted or lost, it is essential that patients seek assistance with a dental professional as soon as possible to consider their options for replacement. Tooth replacement options typically include solutions such as:


Dental bridges

Dental implants

Dental bridges are one of the more popular options with many of our patients for several reasons. Dental bridges are restorations that are permanently bonded in place. They require minimal care and attention and are not removable. Because dental bridges are made with porcelain, they look just like the natural teeth and can be difficult to discern from the natural teeth when placed. The dentist ensures that the restoration is also made to match the color and shape of the smile for the best integration.

How does a bridge work?

When a tooth is lost, it leaves behind a gap within the dental arch. The dental bridge works by filling in this gap while using the adjacent teeth for support of the false tooth. The false tooth, called a pontic, is fused to dental crowns on each side. The adjacent teeth are filed down to allow the dental crowns to fit over these teeth and let the pontic hover closely to the gum line. This results in the appearance of a completed smile and can keep the existing teeth from shifting out of place. Dental bridges are more permanent than solutions such as partial dentures but less expensive than other options including dental implants. This middle-of-the-road solution is highly desirable by many of the patients who are faced with the choices available for tooth replacement and may be covered by dental insurance plans.

Peters Dental Associates can help you determine the best possible restoration for your smile

If you are considering dental bridges or other restorations for tooth loss, we welcome you to work with Dr. M.H. Peters, Jr. and his staff. Houston, TX area patients can visit the practice at 2508 Bay Area Boulevard in Suite 100 and call for a consultation appointment at (281) 486-8061.

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