Same-Day Crowns Are Convenient and So Much More

Dental Crowns with CEREC® Houston TXNeeding a crown is something many people face at some point. There are numerous ways that teeth can sustain damage. Even when you brush and floss daily, your genetics and the occurrence of clenching are enough to cause a chip or break. The thing about teeth getting damaged and needing a crown is that it feels stressful. At the moment, you may feel unsure about which type of crown you should choose. That’s why we want to talk about one of your options here.

Historically, dental crowns have been fabricated from some metal. At first, that metal was gold, and it performed very well (and still does). For more affordability, though, crown fabrication changed to include metal alloy material, a mixture of different, durable metals. Finally, to accommodate the modern-day demand for authenticity, the materials for dental crowns changed once again, or so it seemed. On the surface, the average crown looks more like a real tooth than ever before, thanks to an overlay of porcelain. Beneath that, though, most crowns still have a metal base. CEREC crowns are an exception.

A Look at the CEREC System

CEREC crowns are made from a solid block of ceramic material. No metal is needed because the ceramic from which crowns are carved has been created to be strong enough for years of use. Without an underlay of metal alloy, the CEREC crown has full biocompatibility. That means no irritation of the gums and no allergic response. Metal-free also means long-lasting fit because the ceramic of a CEREC crown does not expand and contract as strongly as metal. Finally, an all-ceramic crown is all white, which supports the fully natural appearance you would expect when you observe your teeth.

Appearance is just one aspect of the value of CEREC crowns. While this technique of restoring teeth is often referred to as a same-day treatment, we really should go into more detail about the process. When you choose a CEREC crown, you choose a treatment process that takes place over a few hours versus a few appointments. Just like a standard crown, we will reduce the natural tooth to ensure all damaged material is removed. We also need to create a tooth shape that will fit nicely beneath the crown.

After preparing the tooth, imaging is performed with a small intraoral camera. No impressions. The camera obtains detail information that is translated in the CAD/CAM software of the CEREC machine, achieving a 3-dimensional image that is then interpreted in the milling system, leading to a lifelike, perfectly-fit crown.

We are proud to offer CEREC crowns to patients of our Houston office. To schedule your visit with us, call (281) 486-8061.

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