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Dr. Peters uses the very latest technology to provide all porcelain crowns in one visit. The Cerec system allows for restoration of cracked, broken, or badly decayed teeth into full function in less than two hours.

What is a CEREC® crown?

CEREC dental crowns technology is a computerized 3D porcelain milling machine.  It is a system that allows dentists to create tooth restorations in the same day instead of waiting for it to be made by a third-party dental laboratory. The first step taken by Dr. Peter’s is to take pictures of your mouth and upload it to a computer.  Next, a 3D restoration is designed.  Then the information is sent to a porcelain milling machine that fabricates the crown/onlay.

CEREC crowns are strong, customized, tooth-colored ceramic restoration done right here in Clear Lake, Texas within a single appointment and it is metal free. With its enamel-like material, the CEREC crown looks and feels like your real teeth.

Am I a candidate for the CEREC® crown procedure?

Anyone who is recommended for a regular crown is a candidate for a CEREC crown. Remember that a crown is bonded over an existing tooth, so the candidate must have a tooth with a healthy root. CEREC is ideal for a working professional or student who doesn’t have a lot of time to take off to go to multiple dental appointments.

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What happens during CEREC® crown procedure?

Teeth are electronically scanned in 3D. Once teeth are numb, decay is removed, fractured areas trimmed away and the tooth is shaped to resemble an upside down Dixie cup. Using CAD/CAM technology your tooth is designed and milled. A solid porcelain block is shaped to fit your tooth and your bite exactly. There are several compositions of porcelain blocks. Dr. Peters prescribes the one best for your mouth. Once the fit is refined in your mouth, the crown is either, polished and bonded in place, or placed in porcelain finishing oven for 30 minutes, then bonded into place.


How much do CEREC® crowns cost?

There are a variety of factors that affect the fee of a CEREC crown. These factors include whether there is an overriding insurance fee schedule, the materials used to make the crown, the experience and skill level of the dentist, and the quality of the dental lab that fabricates the crown. With further questions on financing, contact our staff today.

How long do CEREC® crowns last?

CEREC crowns are fantastic and have a tremendous natural tooth appearance. As far as how long they will last really depends on how well patients are able to take care of the crown. The better maintenance patients keep, the longer the crown will last. A well maintained crown has the ability to last an extremely long time. A CEREC crown, like all restorative dentistry, is impacted by factors that vary from patient to patient.

Is the procedure painful?

With a CEREC crown, patients are anesthetized during the procedure to ensure comfort. Most patients do not have sensitivity or pain after a CEREC crown but there is always a chance of sensitivity after any dental procedure. If this occurs, please make sure to contact Peters Dental Associates so we can assist you in sensitivity management.

Benefits of CEREC®

CEREC technology makes it possible to produce and integrate ceramic restorations in a single appointment. Unlike other materials such as amalgam or gold, ceramic is more biocompatible and boasts tooth-like physical and aesthetic qualities. In addition, digital impressions are more comfortable for patients than traditional impressions.

The digital mapping technology of CEREC that charts the inside of the patient’s mouth completely accurately and down to the last detail ensures that there is no issue with inaccurate dental impressions that lead the patient to experience discomfort with bulky molds and unnecessary debris in their mouth.

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