Cosmetic Dentistry Revolves around You

Cosmetic Dentistry Clear Lake, TXCosmetic dentistry is an interesting field that has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It isn’t that humans have suddenly become obsessed with having beautiful teeth; this desire has existed for centuries. What has made a difference most recently is the development of safe, effective processes through which the smile can be beautifully transformed?

We no longer have to try to remove stains on teeth using abrasive or highly acidic methods, like brushing with pumice and vinegar. Yuck! More than that, dental professionals who have obtained training in the various modalities and techniques have multiple ways to address concerns that span far beyond a little discoloration. We are proud to provide patients with our Houston practice options for cosmetic dentistry that revolve around meeting their expectations.

Teeth Whitening

Because the methods used to reinstate the radiance of the smile have become so complex over the past several years, a great deal of confusion surrounds the teeth whitening process. We keep it simple, and that keeps it efficient. There is no need for expensive in-office treatment when your main objective is a brighter smile. Our home whitening kit is convenient and affords you more control over aspects of treatment such as sensitivity management and scheduling. With home whitening, discoloration begins to lift after the very first treatment and continues to do so for the days or weeks that whitening trays are used.

Porcelain Veneers

This is where smile makeovers get really interesting! Porcelain veneers give us the opportunity to make short teeth appear longer, to hide gaps and make chips disappear. Porcelain jackets are made in a dental lab from a high-quality dental material that matches the shade of white that is perfect for the individual. One veneer may be done to blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth, or numerous veneers may be crafted to bring a whole new sophistication to the smile.

In addition to these two popular treatments for enhancing the smile, we also offer Invisalign, porcelain crowns, dental implants, and more. The strategic use of modern dental materials like porcelain leads to a natural-looking result that is also durable.

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