Cosmetic Dentistry is all about the Look – and Then Some!

Cosmetic Dentistry Clear Lake, TXEvery year, thousands of cosmetic dentistry procedures are performed across the country. We have come so far in dentistry that there isn’t much we can’t improve regarding function and appearance. Discoloration, for example, can be reversed in about an hour, for those that can’t wait a few weeks for optimum results. Spaces in between teeth can be decreased. Chips can be covered. You get the idea: cosmetic dentistry has a lot to offer.

Obviously, any treatment that makes a tooth or teeth look better makes the smile look better overall. Obviously, this is the idea behind cosmetic treatments. But there’s more to the outcome than many people imagine. When we improve the appearance of teeth and the smile, the whole face can transform; it can look younger, friendlier, even more successful. In this way, the results from cosmetic dentistry expand into much bigger rewards.

  • Exceeding expectations. One of the first rewards that patients experience after cosmetic dental treatment occurs immediately, the first time they observe their new and improved smile in the mirror. We love being able to witness the surprise that most patients express at just how good their smile looks, even though they have imagined their desired changes for months – or years.
  • Going the extra mile. Research into cosmetic dentistry has revealed some pretty interesting facts. One is that patients who get the smile they’ve dreamed of subsequent ramp-up their oral hygiene practice. Taking care of teeth and gums becomes less of a chore because the reward is keeping the beauty that has been gained. Going the extra mile with oral care, patients set the stage for a double-win by sharply decreasing their risk of future dental problems.
  • Getting noticed. When we undergo treatment to improve our smile, the person we want to please the most is ourselves. Research data suggests there’s much more that can happen. For example, hiring managers in one study stated that an attractive smile was involved in favorable results for qualified job applicants. In a poll, the attractiveness of a person’s smile ranked high on a list of desirable attributes. Why not ride that wave of professional and social success that is associated with the value of a great smile?

In our Houston office, we take care to tailor treatments to each. Contact us to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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