Considering Invisalign? Pay Attention to the Details!

Invisalign Clear Lake Houston TXInvisalign has been providing teens and adults with an outstanding opportunity, to get a straighter smile without having to wear metallic fixtures. That in itself is a huge feat! It’s also the reason why millions have flocked to dentists around the world to get their shot at a better smile. What are some of the top benefits you have heard about Invisalign? That you can eat what you’d like? That aligner are hardly visible, so your image won’t be affected? These are clear advantages that are available only with an aligner treatment like Invisalign. But there’s more.

We love helping our Houston area patients get the outcome they desire from Invisalign treatment. There are numerous reasons to consider this method of alignment correction. There are also some details that you want to know:

  1. You’ve got to commit to wearing aligners. It’s interesting that patients know that aligners are the key to a straight smile. However, we are familiar with the temptation to leave aligners out once they are removed for a meal or snack. The magic is in the details, though, and a prime aspect of success is wearing aligners all the time, except for eating and brushing.
  2. You’ve got to commit to stellar hygiene. Aligners fit all the way over teeth. That means no oxygen, no flow to keep bacteria from doing their thing (which is to harm your teeth and gums). Protection only comes from hygiene, so it must be good. It will also need to be frequent. Ideally, every meal will be followed by a good two minutes of brushing.
  3. You’ve got to commit to following up. Getting straight teeth is only step one. Step two is keeping that straight smile you have come to love! Teeth are held by a strong ligament in the jaw. After Invisalign treatment, that ligament will tug at teeth to move them back to their original position. Would they go all the way back? Probably not, but wearing a retainer as directed will maintain the new alignment for life.

Invisalign is simple. It’s convenient. It’s also effective when you commit to your goal of a straighter smile. Learn more about treatment in our Houston office. Call (281) 486-8061.

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