CEREC Restorations: What’s all the Fuss About?

CEREC restorations clear lake, TXIt is understandable that you may feel disappointed if your dental exam reveals that you need a crown. The purpose of this restorative treatment is to ensure that no further damage occurs to a tooth that has already sustained a significant injury. A crown acts as a buffer. It absorbs the force that is placed on the tooth when you chew. When you look at the long-term gain of crown treatment, or what you can avoid, you can feel better about this recommendation.

One of the downsides to getting a crown is the time it takes to complete the process. Patients of our Houston office have another choice: they can choose CEREC same-day crowns to restore the look and feel of a healthy, natural smile. Some of the reasons to choose CEREC treatment include:

Single-visit Care

A traditional crown begins with the preparation of the tooth. A mold of the tooth is then sent to a dental lab, which is usually off-site (not in the dental office). The inclusion of this third party adds time to the overall process. Crowns are typically returned from the dental lab in about 10 days. Because CEREC crowns are made right in the office, no second visit or lengthy wait time is necessary.


Because there is a lapse in time between tooth preparation (reduction) and the seating of the final crown, the standard process calls for a temporary. This restoration is worn for the week in between the first and second visits to prevent sensitivity or further damage to the tooth. It is removed during the final visit, the tooth is cleansed of dental cement, and the permanent crown is put into place.

No Impressions!

One of the aspects of restorative treatment that patients find most unappealing is having to take impressions. Standard impressions involve messy putty that can cause you to gag. This process is also somewhat inconsistent. Any movement or bubbling in the putty material and the impression may need to be repeated. CEREC crowns involve 3D imaging with a small camera. The images captured are processed in sophisticated software, which also heightens the accuracy of the final restoration.

If you need a crown, trust the team at Peters Dental Associates to provide you with quality dental care. Call (281) 486-8061.

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