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What Caused That to Happen?

A chipped or cracked tooth is an unexpected, and unwelcome surprise. Our teeth are durable and hard. The covering of enamel gives the illusion that our teeth will sustain us for a long and happy life of eating pretty much whatever we want. In the event of a dental injury, this expectation goes right out […]

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Students Have Special Smile Needs

The school years are some of the most scheduled, most fun-filled, and most chaotic of our lives. This is true for students and also for the parents who facilitate carpools and cupcake sales and busy weekday mornings. Back to school time is a season of new adventures and busy-ness. The very thought of taking care […]

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We Can Help You Toughen Up

No one visits their dentist with the idea that they will learn how to be tougher or more resilient. This would be somewhat silly for a dentist to take on such an objective! That being said, we can help you toughen up around the area of tooth sensitivity. This common problem is often written off as […]

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Resolving the Breath Issue

A smile is a beautiful thing that we’d all like to have. This feature can connect us on a personal level with colleagues, potential bosses or clients, and with new friends. That is if the attractiveness of the smile is not overwhelmed by bad breath. In such a scenario, the breath wins. Every time. And […]

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Oral Health Management Made Easy

Daily brushing, check. Flossing before bed, check (hopefully!). These tasks are such a normal part of your routine that you barely have to think about doing them anymore. That is unless something in your life changes. You have undoubtedly noticed that summer is here. Hooray! That means days out at the pool or park or […]

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