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Preventative Dentistry Clear Lake, TXNo one visits their dentist with the idea that they will learn how to be tougher or more resilient. This would be somewhat silly for a dentist to take on such an objective! That being said, we can help you toughen up around the area of tooth sensitivity. This common problem is often written off as being a normal part of life, or a normal aspect of aging. Not so.

Tooth sensitivity can significantly degrade your quality of life. What’s more, it doesn’t have to. A visit with your dentist can uncover the reason your teeth are sensitive and may point you in the perfect direction for resolving this uncomfortable condition.

Surprising Methods of Treating Sensitivity

Every person is different, and each case of tooth sensitivity will have its unique factors. To know what to do about this issue, we first investigate the potential causes. Here, we will take a look at what those may be, and what may be done about them.

  • Periodontal inflammation. You don’t have to have full-blown gum disease to experience sensitivity stemming from inflammation in the soft tissue around teeth. One of the common symptoms of early gum disease is the presence of periodontal pockets. This means that gum tissue has slightly pulled away from a tooth or teeth. The bacteria that live in these pockets eat away the layer of cementum that protects the root surface, causing sensitivity. Cleaning periodontal pockets with scaling and root planing improves oral health and preserves substructure that keeps nerves from reacting to external stimuli.
  • Tooth erosion has become a prevalent problem in recent years. This is largely associated with the high acidity in the majority of foods and beverages we consume on a regular basis. When enamel erodes, there is less protective structure around the nerve bundles at the center of the tooth. Less coverage means more sensitivity. To resolve this issue, we may consider veneers, for front teeth, or crowns, for back teeth. The additional layer of material over the natural tooth surface lessens reactivity from nerves to improve comfort.

You don’t have to accept tooth sensitivity as a part of your life. Call Peters Dental Associates in Houston for personal care.

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