We can Get to Know a Lot about you from your Mouth

dental carePatients of our Houston dental office are encouraged to maintain twice-yearly visits to examine and clean their teeth. Dentistry obtained at regular intervals does a lot to support health and wellness. In fact, it may do so in ways you never expected! You may imagine that your dentist is observing the tiny details about your teeth and gums as your examination is performed. In fact, these tiny details can tell us a lot more than you might think.

Details Obtained from your Dental Exam
You’re a soda-lover
It used to be that tooth decay was the primary concern related to sugary beverages. Here’s the thing . . . most sodas that are manufactured today don’t have sugar; they have high-fructose corn syrup. They also have ingredients like phosphoric acid or citric acid (or both!). These ingredients, or other types of acid, are also commonly used in sports drinks and energy drinks. As a result of the high acid content in these drinks, dentists are seeing a widespread problem with tooth erosion. The concern with eroded teeth is that they are more susceptible to cavities and also to chips and discoloration.

Flossing is a forgotten art
What a lot of people do before they see the dentist, but not during the months in between their visits, is floss. When this task is left to the last minute, it may be performed fervently, with a great deal of purpose. You know what this shows? That you flossed recently. It may even show up as slight damage or aggravation to the gum tissue. It will not hide the fact that you haven’ t been flossing. The color and strength of your gums will indicate this.

You’re stressed
Stress affects everything from your sleep to your oral health. Many people handle stress by nail-biting. This habit can often be identified during a dental visit by the flatness of the front upper and lower teeth. Stress may also cause a person to grind their teeth or clench the jaw. This habit may not even be realized because it often occurs during sleep. It can be noticed in the dental exam if teeth have worn down excessively.

The good news is that what your dentist notices during your exam can be used to help you avoid common dental problems. To schedule your visit at Peters Dental Associates, call (281) 486-8061.

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