Bring your Best Smile to the Party

dental careWith New Year’s Eve within sight, many people are thinking about how they can pull out all the stops on their party appearance. One of the best ways we can think of is to bring out the best in your smile! Since there is very little time left before the big night, though, the most you may be able to do is give your teeth a good polishing. The night of New Year’s Eve is just the beginning! To bring your best smile to the party, to us, means to bring your best smile into every day. Here’s how you can do that with care from the friendly team in our Houston office.

Take care of Existing Problems
Sometimes, the most appropriate place to start improving your life is to resolve the dental problems that are causing you pain. Tooth decay may initially cause slight sensitivity (this is the best time to see us!), but this can gradually turn into throbbing or constant pain. Oral disease may affect the gums, too, and unmanaged oral bacteria growth can affect everything from your breath to your general health. We are here to help you avoid such problems and to correct them right away if they do occur. Restorative dentistry focuses on repairing damaged tooth material with resilient materials that match natural enamel. Longevity is a goal that we keep in mind, wanting to give our patients the greatest value from treatment.

Prevent Future Problems
Preventive dentistry is the ideal place to start, but this is often not what happens. Once your mouth is in an optimal state, we encourage routine checkups and cleanings to maintain that. Our services focus on the removal of plaque and tartar, before they can harbor bacteria that degrade the structures in your mouth. As needed, preventive care may also involve more in-depth periodontal therapies, such as scaling and root planing. The level of care we provide revolves around your unique needs at any given time.

Maximizing Beauty
Dentistry is no longer only about fixing problems. We also seek to prevent them, and to maximize the beauty of a person’s smile. Patients of Peters Dental Associates can accomplish just about anything they want with our variety of services. We can help you take years off of your face by brightening your teeth, or to perfect your facial features by creating harmony between all the teeth in your smile.

Make the most of your resolutions toward health and wellness. Call (281) 486-8061.

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