Bring out the Best in Your Smile at Any Age

Cosmetic DentistryJust a century ago aging was a completely different process than it is today. Adults are living decades longer than previous generations, and they are making the most of this time. In addition to healthy lifestyle habits, we are seeing more adults seek cosmetic care that will help them to feel their best at any age.

How to Combat Aging in your Smile

The way that you combat aging and your smile is the same way that you combat comment dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, this does not require much time or effort on your part. Oral hygiene is a task to approach with an eye for thoroughness. When you brush, keep at it for two full minutes. Flossing, as well, should be performed carefully. Remember, brushing and flossing can keep you from painful dental problems. It can also minimize plaque that diminishes the beauty of your smile.

Refresh your Smile with Modern Dentistry

Dentistry has experienced a significant transformation over the last 25 years. What is interesting is that many of the techniques we employ today have been a development for centuries. For instance, the desire for bright white tooth enamel has been exhibited throughout history. Fortunately, the continual effort of dentists through the ages has brought us a safe and efficient method of eliminating discoloration. The home teeth whitening service overseen by the team at Peters Dental Associates has helped many of our patients fall in love with their smile.

Other advances in dentistry involve materials. We no longer have to rely on metal such as gold and mixtures such as metal alloy to restore the functionality of damaged teeth. Not only do we now have durable materials that look just like natural enamel to restore the structural integrity of damaged teeth, but we also have lifelike porcelains that enable us to disguise a wide variety of imperfections. These new materials resist discoloration and corrosion. With good care, dental crowns, bridges, and veneers can last several decades.

Your smile is something you carry at all times. Make it a statement accessory. Contact us to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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