Benefits of CEREC

CEREC HoustonIf you have visited our Houston office, you know that we prioritize comfort and peace of mind. We want our patients to feel at home when they visit us like they are catching up with old friends. A lot of the time we spend with patients is focused on education. So, here, we want to test out what you may and may not know! No pressure, just a little dental IQ fun.

Benefits of CEREC crowns include:

  1. Single-visit treatment
  2. Metal-free restorations
  3. Optimal fit and longevity
  4. None of the above
  5. All of the above

Answer: E. The CEREC benefit that gets the most attention is the single-visit one. Of course, everyone loves to save time! However, when you choose this method of tooth-repair, you also avoid uncomfortable impressions and the need for a temporary crown. The bonding process sets a CEREC crown up for years of function, too.

True or False

  1. Professional teeth whitening is the best way to handle stains.

False. We will say that, if you have stains, professional teeth whitening is far more effective than commercial whitening treatments. Patients of Peters Dental Associates can choose in-office whitening or our professional home-whitening method. That doesn’t mean another option wouldn’t be better for some people.

Porcelain veneers may also prove to be suitable for stained teeth. In particular, it is teeth that have intrinsic, or internal stains, such as those from tetracycline use, that may be hard to treat with standard whitening.

  1. Dentures are a better value than dental implants.

False. Dentures cost less up front. For this reason, it is easy to presume this method of care will be a better value. However, value also comes from longevity and overall satisfaction. Over time, dentures that are not stabilized by implants will need to be relined, possibly more frequently due to the rate of deterioration in the jaw bone. What many patients are doing to maximize their results with tooth replacement is combining dentures (or a bridge) with a few implants. The process not only creates more stability and comfort but also slows the progression of bone loss over time.

No matter how much you know about dental care, your smile, or new treatments, we are here to help you find your way to your best smile. Call (281) 486-8061 for excellent dental care in Houston.


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