Avoid Traditional Orthodontics with the Acceledent Treatment

AcceleDent Aura Clear Lake, TX

At Peters Dental Associates, Drs. M.H. Peters, Jr. offers a wide selectin of services for patients to consider for restoration of the smile. With AcceleDent, patients can enhance their smile with professional straightening alternatives to traditional orthodontic treatment.

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is a specialized device that is used for only 20 minutes a day to realign the smile in a much different manner than traditional orthodontics. Using the AcceleDent device, patients can stimulate bone remodeling faster than other straightening treatments. This FDA approved device is both safe and effective, and quickly accelerates movements of the teeth. It vibrates to apply the proper forces for movement and does so in a pain-free way. This method of treatment eliminates the need for braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic treatments and allows patients to utilize the power of mechanic stimulation!

How long has AcceleDent been in use?

This device was cleared by the FDA in 2012 and has been used ever since to provide tooth realignment solutions to patients who were uneasy about the idea of traditional orthodontics. It continues to be an effective way of treating misalignment of the teeth without braces and addresses a variety of situations patients may face when it comes to the appearance of the smile.

Am I a candidate for AcceleDent?

Most patients who need orthodontics can ask our team about candidacy for AcceleDent. We have treated both teenagers and adults with AcceleDent to ensure everyone has access to a beautiful smile! Most patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the smile can enjoy this treatment. The device is only available via prescription with our team. We also discuss with patients the use of the device and encourage patients to visit regularly for follow-ups to ensure the device is obtaining the results patients desire. A consultation appointment with our team is the first step in determining candidacy for this or other cosmetic and restorative treatments available in our facility.   

Discuss AcceleDent with our team today!

AcceleDent Aura today to book a consultation appointment with the team at Peters Dental Associates. Our practice is ready and open to new and existing patients visiting the office for comprehensive dental care.

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