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Do I need to wear a nightguard?

During sleep, some patients may experience clenching and grinding of the teeth. This condition, known as bruxism, is a condition that can be not just an inconvenience to patients, but can result in a variety of problems. Bruxism can cause patients to experience constant tension and pain in the jaw area and even wake up […]

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How to care for all-on-fours

Patients in Houston, TX missing an entire arch of teeth may find that they have experienced dramatic changes in their life. In addition to making it harder to speak effectively, it can also impact the appearance of the smile and your ability to eat your favorite foods. In situations such as this, Dr. M. H. […]

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What to expect after dental implant surgery

Dental implants are a complex dental device that is used to replace one or more teeth within the smile after loss or extraction. This restoration is highly desirable because of its longevity, and continues to be one of the best investments patients can make in their smiles. The entire process from start to finish requires […]

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Woman making dental x-ray shot

Are dental x-rays safe?

When dentists need to evaluate a patient for an upcoming procedure, or to check their overall oral health and wellness, it is important that they have patients take routine dental x-rays. This is a common diagnostic tool used in dental practices today to help image the teeth, bone, and gums beyond what the eye can […]

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How to properly brush your teeth

Have you ever watched a child brush their teeth for the first time? It’s easy to spot when a child is not properly brushing their teeth, but have you ever thought if you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time too? At Peters Dental Associates in Houston, TX, we find that many adults are making […]

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Root Canal Treatment Houston, TX

Do I need a crown after root canal therapy?

So you’ve been told you need a root canal. Now what? For what is often considered a procedure that involves pain, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Dr. M. H. Peters of Peters Dental Associates is a dental professional in the Houston, TX area who can assist with this procedure—and put patients at ease […]

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root canal therapy

What is root canal therapy, and is it painful?

When infection or disease impacts a tooth, it can reach deep into the canals and impact the dental pulp inside. The dental pulp, which is a mass of tissues that includes the blood supply and nerves of a tooth, can become painful if damage occurs. This toothache can often be resolved by having patients undergo […]

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What is obstructive sleep apnea and how can your dentist help?

When patients think about sleeping disorders, they often think of conditions such as insomnia or narcolepsy. However, there are other sleeping disorders that many patients have but have not received a proper diagnosis for. This includes obstructive sleep apnea. What is obstructive sleep apnea? Also known as OSA, obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder […]

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