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Same-Day Crowns Offer More than Convenience

The way that dentists restore teeth today differs a great deal from how the process has been performed in previous decades. For any treatment to be valuable, it must achieve more than previous techniques. An example of increased value is same-day restoration with CEREC. What is CEREC The CEREC process has been praised for expediting […]

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teeth whitening

Experience the Numerous Benefits of Teeth Whitening

If your smile has become dull or yellow, there is a high likelihood that you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth. Millions of people agree that discolored teeth lend to an aged appearance. Research even indicates that a less-than-dazzling smile can have a negative impact on personal and professional success. Yellow teeth not […]

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dental implants

All-on-Four Implant Treatment can Change your Life

Tooth loss is not an isolated problem. No matter where the missing tooth is in the mouth, you face ongoing cosmetic and functional issues if replacement does not occur quickly. At Peters Dental Associates, we understand the long term consequence that stem from tooth loss. We are pleased to offer our patients the options they […]

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Dental Health Care for the Sweet Tooth

Most of us are aware that eating or drinking sugary food and beverages can wreak havoc on our teeth, especially without proper hygiene. If you have a sweet tooth, what can you do? You can still satisfy your sugary desires and maintain healthy teeth through a few surefire tips: Brush. Brush. Brush. Brushing the teeth […]

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Straighten Those Teeth Invisibly

Some people were lucky — they were able to miss out on the fun that was braces in high school. Not getting teased about being a metal mouth may have been worth it, but now you’re an adult and wish you had straight teeth. But who wants to go through the metal bands and wires […]

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dental care

Keeping Bad Breath At Bay

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be embarrassing for you and unpleasant for those around you. Don’t let bad breath embarrass you or harm your relationships—keep reading for tips that will help you keep bad breath at bay. Drink Plenty Of Water Drinking water is good for your whole body, but it also helps keep your […]

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

There are some situations where a damaged or infected tooth cannot be saved and an extraction is necessary. However, having teeth missing can make daily tasks difficult and lead to dental problems down the road. Dental implants are used to replace these missing teeth and restore the function and appearance of normal healthy teeth. Keep […]

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Oral Cancer—What You Should Know

Oral cancer can be very dangerous, but if it is caught early, chances of recovery significantly increase. Learn more about oral cancer and cancer screenings so that you can protect your health and your future. What is oral cancer? Oral cancer includes the group of cancers that can affect your mouth and throat. Oral cancer […]

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Root Canal Therapy

Understanding Root Canal Therapy

Many people have misconceptions about root canal therapy that make them nervous. The truth is that root canal therapy is a safe, and relatively painless treatment that can save your tooth and eliminate the severe pain being caused by the infection in your mouth. Here’s what you should know: What is dental pulp? Dental pulp […]

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