All-on-Four Implant Treatment can Change your Life

Tooth loss is not an isolated problem. No matter where the missing tooth is in the mouth, you face ongoing cosmetic and functional issues if replacement does not occur quickly. At Peters Dental Associates, we understand the long term consequence that stem from tooth loss. We are pleased to offer our patients the options they need to regain the full value of a healthy smile.

Tooth Loss Prompts a Domino Effect
dental implantsAs we have discovered through research, teeth roots play a vital role in health and aesthetic beauty. Tooth replacement options that address only the visible portion of teeth miss the mark, and the more teeth that need replacement, the greater the consequence of traditional tooth replacement.
Patients who require full-mouth restoration are often treated with dentures. For some time, this was the best option available. However, dentures are certainly not without significant disadvantages. A conventional denture does not mimic natural oral anatomy because the fixture sits on top of the gums. This creates discomfort, lacks stability, and also fails to meet the structural needs of the face.

Respecting the Roots
Roots tether teeth to the jawbone so they can function as they should. Without a firm foundation, teeth would not be fully retained in their rightful position. They would lack the stability they need to break down food and support the cheeks and lips. A less obvious task filled by roots is the stimulation of the jawbone. Bone tissue is alive, and requires consistent stimulation to regenerate healthy new tissue. In the jaw, this is achieved by chewing. Mastication sends force through teeth and their roots into the bone. When teeth are lost and roots are not replaced, this stimulation ceases to occur.

How All-on-Four Elevates your Denture Experience
Dental implants are tiny posts that are implanted into the jawbone using precision technique. They can replace singular teeth, multiple teeth, and may also be used for denture stabilization. The All-on-Four procedure lays the foundation for a full denture through the strategic insertion of just a few implants. The stability that is gained restores the highest degree of functionality for chewing and speaking, allowing you to feel confident. Because bone tissue continues to receive the necessary stimulation, this procedure also meets structural needs of the face.

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