5 Things to Love about CEREC Crowns

CEREC Crowns Clear Lake, TXAt Peters Dental Associates in Houston, our top priority is providing care that makes a difference in our patients’ lives. We feel fortunate that modern dental techniques give us ample opportunity to achieve this objective. CEREC crowns are a prime example.

Dental crowns have been a conventional method of tooth repair for many years. This restorative procedure is necessary when a tooth has cracked or broken badly. Crowns are also commonly used to protect teeth treated with root canal therapy. As beneficial as crowns have been, there were aspects of treatment that could have been improved. The CEREC technique has been a significant advancement in the use of dental crowns. Here, we discuss five things that patients love about this innovative dental crown process.

  1. The fact that CEREC crowns are made in the dental office is a significant point of interest. The method of tooth repair now only takes one visit, during which we can adjust the damaged tooth as needed, measure it for a crown, and make the crown within a small window of time.
  2. No temporary crown. Making a crown on the spot means we save a notable step in the treatment process: the placement of a temporary crown. In the standard procedure, a temporary must be affixed to the tooth because the permanent crown is not ready for almost two weeks. CEREC bypasses the dental lab and, as a result, the temporary.
  3. Easy impressions. As necessary and beneficial as impressions are to dental care, the process is somewhat unpleasant for many patients. Impressions for CEREC crowns are entirely digital: we take pictures of the tooth and transfer images to the milling machine that makes the new crown. It’s that simple.
  4. Natural appearance. The trend of showy metal crowns went out a long, long time ago. What consumers want today is to look natural. There is no room for metal in that goal. CEREC crowns are color-matched to surrounding teeth, and they are made of durable ceramic. No metal means no dark line and more transparency and shine.
  5. Optimal outcomes. Ultimately, the primary objective of dental crown treatment is to restore a damaged tooth. The accuracy of digital impressions and in-office processing of the metal-free dental crown have resulted in better fitting, longer lasting crowns for many patients.

We can help you restore your smile with friendly care and new technologies like CEREC. For more information, call our Houston office at (281) 486-8061.

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